What is family farming?

International Year of Family Farming 2014 defines Family Farming (also Family Agriculture) as  a means of organizing agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production which is managed and operated by a family and predominantly reliant on non-wage family labor, including both women’s and men’s. The family and the farm are linked, co-evolve and combine economic, environmental, reproductive, social and cultural functions. When we talk about Family Farming, we consider men and women farmers, artisan fishers, pastoralists, gatherers and landless peasants, as well as indigenous people.


Why is family farming important?

Food Security

  • Over 500 millions family farmers in the world contribute 70% of global food production.Key to fight hunger and malnutrition.
  • Small farms are often more productive and sustainable per unit of land and energy consumed.

Generates welfare

  • 40% of world household depend on family farming.
  • Out of the 3,000 million rural people in developing countries, 2,500 belong to families engaged in Family Farming.
  • Also contributes to stabilize the population in rural areas, to preserve historical and cultural values, to generate income and consumption.


Poverty Alleviation

Recent estimates show that currently, 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty, and at least 870 million go to bed hungry every night. Smallholder agriculture has great potential to reduce overall national poverty levels.

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Family Farming is the Key to Alleviating Hunger and Poverty

For whom this competition is open to?

This competition is open to all Nepali citizens for whom photography is whole or partial practice.


How many entries can one person have?

You can have up to three entries. But each photo should be submitted separately in application form.


How to reduce image size?

You might have some problem during uploading if your image size exceeds 20 MB. To re-size your picture you can simply use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

When is the deadline for the entries?

The deadline for photo submission is 11th November.


What are the prizes?

First Prize : NRS 20,000 (Jury Award)
Second Prize: NRS 10,000 (Public Award)
Third Prize : NRS 5000 (Public Award)


Who will be judging the entries?

At first, the entries will be judged by judges, short listed photos will undergo public voting. Jury award (1st Prize) will be given to best photo selected by Judges. Public award will be given to two photos selected by public based on maximum votes.


How will they be judging?

Scores will be made up of following criteria

  • Creativity
  • Message it holds
  • Livingness
  • Local taste and flavor of incident
  • theme and compisition

What format and size photos should be submitted?

Photos with JPEG and JPG  format will be supported.

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